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That the Chinese government seeks to infiltrate American institutions is hardly surprising.

What Peter Schweizer reveals for the first time in his highly anticipated book Red Handed is how presidential families, Silicon Valley gurus, Wall Street high rollers, Ivy League universities, even professional athletes—all willing to sacrifice American strength and security on the altar of personal enrichment.


In my quarter-century as an investigative journalist, this is the scariest investigation I’ve ever conducted.   –Peter Schweizer


In Red-Handed, six-time New York Times bestselling investigator Peter Schweizer presents his most alarming findings to date by revealing the secret deals wealthy Americans have cut to help China build its military, technological, and economic might.  Equally as astonishing, many of these elites quietly believe the Chinese dictatorial regime is superior to American democracy.


Schweizer and his team of forensic investigators spent over a year scouring a massive trove of global corporate records and legal filings to expose the hidden transactions China’s enablers hoped would never see the light of day. And as Schweizer’s past bombshells like Profiles in Corruption, Secret Empires, and Clinton Cash all made clear, there are bad actors on both ends of the political spectrum.


Exhaustively researched, crisply told, and chilling, Red-Handed will expose the nexus of power between the Chinese government and the American elites who do its bidding.  


February 3, 2022

Sleeping with the Enemy: Exposing the Secret Deals Between Biden & Communist China | Glenn TV |Ep167




March 3, 2022

Peter Schweizer's hard hitting investigative expose on the relationship between the CCP and the American elite, Red-Handed lands itself in the number one slot for New York Times best selling non-fiction.


JANUARY 27, 2022

Red-Handed has topped the charts on Amazon for almost a week.

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